Big Give 2022

Message from Pastor Perry

Focuses for this year

This December, we're excited to be a blessing to our community and beyond. As a church family, there are four ways we want to make an impact this Christmas season.
We are supporting our Alms and Neighborhood Outreach Funds, Ukraine relief, and renovating & updating our new Ministry Hub space.
Find out more below!

General Alms Fund

Goal: $10,000
Our goal is to supplement our general alms fund by $10,000. We use this fund to support members of our church family in tangible ways.

Neighborhood Outreach fund

Goal: $5,000
We want to supplement our neighborhood outreach fund by $5,000. We use this fund to reach out to our neighbors in the U-District.

Ukraine Relief Fund

Goal: $5,000
Gifts toward this relief fund will help Every Nation leaders in Ukraine and bordering countries as their churches share the gospel, offer safe shelter, and provide emergency supplies to people in need. As winter approaches, we want to continue to provide help and relief.

Ministry Hub Renovations

Goal: $10,000
We want to do renovations and furnishing of our new ministry hub space! This hub space will be a place for discipleship, training, and building community. We want to build this space out to a multi-purpose hub of ministry.
You can give to either of our ENCS funds via our app or the form below.
Select the fund you'd like to give to in the 'Fund' dropdown menu.