Hub Gatherings

What you need to know

Beginning November 5, we will be moving our gatherings to our Ministry Hub.
Below you will find an overview of what you need to know for our worship gatherings.
For a more detailed FAQ on this shift, click below!


Where is the Hub?

Our ministry hub is located at 4511 Roosevelt Way NE.

When walking, this is two blocks west and one block south of Cross & Crown.

We're right next to Trader Joe's - please use caution when crossing the driveway from the Trader Joe's parking lot - it can be very busy!

What times are the worship gatherings? When do the doors open?

Our gathering times are 9:30 am, 11:45 am, and 4:30 pm.
We’ll open the doors 15 min before our gatherings start.

Where do I park?

Here is a map to view all of our parking recommendations below.

We recommend looking for street parking in the neighborhood around the Hub. 9th Ave NE, 11th Ave NE, and Roosevelt Way NE are great places to look! Street parking is free on Sundays.

Alternatively, there are paid lots close by that you can utilize.
  • Corner of NE 45th St and 8th Ave NE (809 NE 45th St)
    • $7.14 for 2 hours
    • Enter through driveways on 8th Ave NE.
  • Corner of NE 45th St and Roosevelt Way NE (4323 Roosevelt Way NE)
    • $10.33 for 2 hours
    • Enter through driveway on Roosevelt Way NE.

Families, Marcus will be in touch with additional parking options for you!


Where and when do I drop my kids off?

Kids (13 and under) will be dropped off before the gathering at the Community Room.

What can I expect for kids church?

At our 9:30 am gathering, there will be “Kids Class”. This will be a teaching-oriented kids church experience, more or less a copy-paste of what we’re currently doing.

At our 11:45 am gathering, we will have a simplified “Kids Fellowship” available. This will have Christ-centered activities for our kids, but be more community and fellowship focused.

Parents, if you have questions, please reach out to our Children & Family Ministries Director, Marcus!


What does a simplified gathering mean for me?

At our gatherings, we will continue to prioritize worship, teaching of the Word, fellowship, and prayer. With our simplified gathering format, we are making more space for ministry time, group discussion, and interaction with the text.

Rather than rows, our gathering space will be set up with round tables.

As we begin to meet in our new space, we will continue to assess our needs, listen to feedback from our church family and teams, and adjust as necessary after we begin gatherings at the Hub.

Due to tech limitations during our renovation period, we will not be live streaming our gatherings. We will be recording & posting audio of the sermons during the interim period.

Will there be coffee and donuts?

Due to space and equipment limitations, we will not be offering coffee or donuts at this time. Feel free to bring your own coffee!

We will have water available and we encourage you to bring your own water bottle if you can.

Can I come to multiple gatherings?

As much as possible, we ask that you try to stick with one gathering time. This will help us in our planning and capacity limitations. That being said, we understand that life happens and sometimes people will need to shift their gathering time around.

It will take us some time to figure out our capacity and see how many people will be at each gathering. We ask that if you are not serving, please limit your attendance to one gathering. If you're serving on a team we ask that you limit your attendance to the gathering(s) that you are serving at.