Saturated Reading Guide

What is saturated reading?

It is a Bible study method that takes a slower approach and invites reflective study as you read and re-read the text. The goal is to allow God's word to inform you but also to transform you.

One model for saturated reading is to:
Pray 1st (always) - ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand and respond to God's word each day before you begin. 
  • Day 1: Listen to the selected text - 3 times that day if possible.

  • Day 2: Read it out loud to yourself, to people at home and/ or with a friend. If you read it with someone- ask them to explain back to you what they are hearing, and if the text raises any questions for them. Don't be quick to answer, allow the questions to help you think.

  • Day 3: Write the text or portions of it. For biblical poetry especially, take time to notice any repeating words or ideas. Ask what is similar and what is different about the repetition. What emotions are expressed and why? One idea is to write the text out on something that you can use for memorization throughout the day.

  • Day 4: Re-read and write out observations you see - What is the passage saying? What does it reveal about God and people? What does the passage mean? Ask God - how does the passage apply to you? 

  • Day 5: Pray using the text and what you have learned this week as a guide. For ex. Psalm 1 may include a prayer that says something like "Lord I repent for walking, sitting, and standing in agreement with wicked ways. I want to delight in you and your word and have that inform me instead of the way the world lives."

That's it! That is a simple way to slow down and saturate in a text. We hope you enjoy this method of study and get all kinds of revelation!
If you'd like a pdf version of this guide, click the button below to download.