Mask Policy Update

August 2021

Hello Church Family!

As you may be aware, Governor Inslee signed the Secretary of Health's Order 20-03.4 which went into effect on Monday, August 23. It requires masks to be worn indoors by all individuals regardless of their vaccination status. By the order 20-25.15, individuals are not allowed to enter the building without a mask on. In compliance with this order, we are requiring everyone to mask up. If this is a challenge for you, we invite you to join us on Zoom. That way, we can still worship together whether online or in-person.

If you have further comments or questions, please direct them to Thank you for your understanding!
We want to provide resources to help make informed decisions. We want to honor both authority and privacy. Here are some links to the local and national guidelines.

Grace to you all as we navigate these times together.