Mask Policy Update

ENCS In-Person Gatherings

Hello Church Family,

Seattle recently announced they had reached 70% fully vaccinated and 78% with at least the first dose of the vaccine.
This is really good news.
Between the vaccination rate and those with antibodies, we believe it is now a good time for mask wearing to be at each person's own discretion and based on their own needs.

As we approach this topic we want to remind you we are a church family, and we are called to love one another. In this situation we can choose to love by putting away our judgment of each others’ decision to wear or not wear a mask.
Additionally, in this church family we do not want to view mask wearing as a statement. When you see someone wearing or not wearing a mask, we are asking you to not make a judgment against them. Thinking, “If you are not wearing a mask it means you don’t care about me” is a judgement we want to avoid. Similarly thinking, “If you are wearing a mask you are living in fear”, is another judgement to avoid.
Please don’t assume someone else is making a statement either way.
We need to believe the best about one another and live in a loving manner.
Additionally, we continue to ask that those with any symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses please remain home. The worship gathering will continue to be provided online for anyone who is not able to attend in person.
Thank you all for your endurance during this challenging season. Let’s be committed to loving one another as we come back to in-person gatherings.  

Pastors Perry & Danielle along with the Leadership Team and Elder council
We want to provide resources to help make informed decisions. We want to honor both authority and privacy. Here are some links to the local and national guidelines.

Grace to you all as we navigate these times together.