ENCS COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Starting May 2, Every Nation Church Seattle will be opening for limited in-person gatherings at our new building. Below is the outline of our COVID Mitigation Plan.

For more information on what to expect at our in-person gatherings, check out our FAQ page here.

In-Person Service


The prominent display of signage will inform and guide attendees through the check-in process and safely navigate through the church spaces. Signage (links provided below) developed by the CDC and King County shall be placed at the entry of the church building to provide guidance for service attendees.

Additional floor decals denoting physical distancing from the building entry leading to the lines for the men's and women's restrooms and traffic flow will be placed appropriately.


The maximum number of attendees for a service is outlined within the Washington State “Religious and Faith-based Organizations COVID-19 Requirements.” The specific number of attendees who may attend a service is a function of the unique location where the service is being conducted and the current COVID-19 phase. The maximum number of service attendees, distancing requirements and maximum number of individuals seated together are spelled out in section F: “Seating (Capacity)” of this document. There may be no direct physical contact between servers and members or visitors.

Face Coverings

Attendees will be allowed to wear face coverings at their own discretion and based on their own needs. To see our full mask policy update, please click here.

Building Entry

Sunday service attendees will enter through a single door at the main entrance (doors located on 17th Ave NE) forming a queue distancing 6 feet apart by household. Markings placed 6 feet apart on the floor will guide attendees through the queue to the greeter table.

Attendee Screening

Any individual with a household member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or with symptoms of COVID-19 (including a fever above 100.4°F) may not attend the service until medically cleared (or if symptoms have improved, no fever for 24 hours, and 10 days after symptoms began, per WA COVID Faith Organizations FAQ.

Seating (capacity)

- Phase 1 and 2: Up to 25 percent of the room or building capacity (650 people) with a maximum of 200 people to maintain 6 feet physical distancing in all directions. A maximum of 10 individuals or two households, whichever is more can be seated together.
- Phase 3: Up to 50 percent of the room or building capacity (650 people) with a maximum of 400 people to maintain 6 feet physical distancing in all directions. A maximum of 15 individuals to be seated together.


Soap and running water will be made available within the restrooms. While waiting to use the restroom, service attendees will be directed to maintain the 6 feet physical distancing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hand sanitizer, tissues and trash receptacles will be placed throughout the areas where service attendees will be present.

Tithes & Offerings

Giving of tithes and offerings will continue to be collected through the online platform. The connection and check-in form will continue to be collected through the online form.


Children under the age of 11 must remain with their family unit at all times with the exception of using the restroom. Children over 2 also must wear a face covering throughout the duration of the service. At this time there will not be any Children’s ministry available.

Exposure Protocol

Service attendees are asked to notify church staff if they experience COVID-19 symptoms and/or test positive for COVID-19, this will be kept confidential. If church staff are notified of a possible exposure, an email will be sent to the church. If an area in the church has been exposed to a possible person exhibiting symptoms, that area will be cordoned off until cleaning can be conducted.


Disinfectants and other CDC approved cleaning products will be made available to employees and service attendees throughout the church building. These supplies will be replenished as needed.

High touch surfaces should be cleaned after each service. Surfaces to be cleaned include but are not limited to: mirrors, chairs, headrests and armrests, doorknobs, handrails and restrooms. Every Nation Seattle is contracting with a cleaning company to provide weekly service every Monday for sanitization of high touch surfaces throughout the building.

Additional Resources


Please call, text, or WhatsApp Brian Behnken at (206) 688 9993.

WA State Dept of Labor & Industries