Where is our new meeting space located?

4740 17th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105. 2 blocks from the University of Washington, on the corner of 17th and 50th St.

Our mailing address is:
Every Nation Church Seattle
4616 25th Ave NE PMB #483
Seattle, WA 98105

What is the parking situation?

On-site parking lot, on street parking surrounding the building, and unlimited off-site 4 blocks away in the N5 parking lot at UW, which is free on weekends and nights.

Was Churchome's motivation to sell because they moved to Kirkland?

No. They changed their strategy a couple of years ago and are finalizing that in consolidating their ministries in Kirkland and selling off their other properties.


If we decide to purchase, will our rent count toward the down payment?

No. However, we are able to approach them at any time and negotiate a purchase. It is their desire to sell us the building.

The previous communications in 2020 mentioned this move would be a stretch for us financially. How so?

We have signed a 3-year lease agreement, paying a discounted rent in the first year, and paying the full rent amount in years 2-3.

In year 1, we are paying less in rent than what Churchome owes in their monthly mortgage payment. Essentially, they are investing $100,000 in us through this discount. The cost in year 1, is $64k more than what we were previously spending on buildings and space. We saved $65k last year by not paying rent to the theater. We are grateful for this savings and can apply this to year 1. It is still a step of faith that we are trusting God to establish and grow our church.

In year 2, the costs will go up so that we can pay Churchome what they owe each month, which is $20k a month in rent. This agreement includes a 3-month termination clause starting at the beginning of year 2. So we have an out after 1 year if things don't go well. Risk is minimized. Should things go well, we can opt to purchase the building.

Does the money to support the building come from both the general fund and the future building fund, and from offerings?

Operating costs will come from the general fund and our reserves, if necessary. Capital improvements will come from the Future Building fund.

Direction of ENCS

Do we see this changing the makeup of our church?

Any move will potentially change the makeup of our church. This building will provide 24/7 access to meeting space for all of our ministries and will serve our church family well. It also places us in proximity to a new neighborhood and college campus with over 45,000 students, including Greeks and internationals. It is our hope that our location will benefit us reaching the next generation, furthering our commitment to be a multi-ethnic and multigenerational church.

Are we planning to continue to provide church gatherings online until COVID is over?

Yes. More than likely, digital is here to stay.

What role will community groups play regarding us now having a building?

We plan to keep community groups central to our strategy for making disciples, including spiritual growth, community, and mission. We look forward to including greater devotion to the biblical practices and mission in community groups and in our larger gatherings at the building. We also plan to offer digital worship for church gatherings in homes.

Usage of Space

Are we having in-person worship gatherings in the building?

We're working on it! We're in test mode right now as we prepare to open in wisdom. We'll be sure to make it clear when the space is ready to gather!

We have been blessed by other churches sharing space with us. Would our plan be to share our space with the community for kingdom purposes?

Yes, it is our heart to bless others with the space we have been provided. When we are ready to open up our space to others, we will do so prayerfully and wisely.

Do we need help getting it set up?

Yes. If you'd like to help us prepare the space, please fill out an interest form here!

Will Sunday worship gatherings be moving to the building after COVID?

Yes. We will begin to offer the option for gathering in-person at our building during COVID with limited access as well as digital gathering options.

Will there be an opportunity to see the property?

We're taking a multi-tiered approach to allow staff, volunteers and congregants in the building while keeping all families and households safe. So far, staff has begun both hybrid meetings and getting the building ready for the work of the church. We'll see where we go from there.


Does it have access for the handicapped or elderly?

Short-term solutions exist for access to the 1st floor (the sanctuary is on the 3rd floor). We are researching plans and solutions for accessibility.

Is Churchome leaving behind any furniture, fixtures, or furnishings? Or will we need to raise funds for those?

They are leaving behind some things for us to use. We plan on going through it all and determining what else we will need.

What is the interior design upgrade plan and time frame?

We  plan to take time to envision what the new space should feel like, how it should be used, and what the look and feel will be. We will be tapping interior design resources to consult us and guide us in making a plan.

Will we be asking the congregation and businesses for donations of items?

We hope this is a possibility. We will consider the options once the design is determined and the needs are assessed.

What is the WiFi situation?

We have the best Comcast has to offer installed in our building along with multiple access points. Our guest WiFi channel will be available to access for connectivity needs during any visits to our new gathering space.